What's In a Name?

Our Name’s Significant Meaning

Although both of Michael’s college degrees are in the field of engineering, as a child, his first job was performing clerical work over 50 years ago in his father, William Gartenberg’s, law office. As he observed his father's interactions with clients, Michael learned valuable life lessons that carry with him to his profession every day. His father taught him the importance of paying attention to details, championing every client’s matter with as great a level of importance as they do, awareness that clients recognize their need for professional expertise and accepting the trust which clients place in him to bring their project to fruition, and being decent and respectful in the process.

Over the decades, Michael’s employers and clients have come to experience and appreciate his commitments to them and their projects. It is for that reason that the Gartenberg name is in our company name. The Gartenberg name speaks volumes to our professionalism and commitment to our clients.

With Michael’s years of experience and expertise, he has chosen one specific area of his profession and developed our firm to serve only it. Gartenberg Construction Consulting provides exemplary construction expertise, guidance, and service to clients. When engaged in a project on behalf of a client, Gartenberg Construction Consulting has only its client’s interests to represent and may do so with pure objectivity, as it does not have interests as a designer or constructor to represent.

With our name comes many responsibilities, one of which is to perform to the levels associated with it and the expectations which clients have of it. Our clients have come to associate the Gartenberg name with exemplary services and attention to detail.

With a singular point of contact, our structure ensures a simple, successful and streamlined process for our clients. With over 40 years of professional experience and expertise, Michael manages the work and provides all services to the client. As assistance is needed, it is provided as support to Michael. He knows and is responsible for all aspects of the project and the services being provided to the client. Gartenberg Construction Consulting provides a detail oriented, personal level of attention, to each and every project.